081007 - New gigs and 10/10 from itsatrap.com
New Gigs:
081024 - Klubb Republik @ Kulturkammaren, Norrköping
081026 - Gamla Tingshuset, Östersund
081104 - Katalin, Uppsala
081112 - Söderport, Kalmar
081113 - The Tivoli, Helsingborg
081128 - Markan, Hässleholm

And a nice review from itsatrap.com can be found here:

See you tomorrow in Arvika. //Dby

081002 - USA pictures & video + comp

So we are home again after the US trip. It was intense and loads of fun. Thanks to everyone who made us feel so welcome. You are the best.
We did a TV performance at TPT, check that out here:

Some random pictures from our trip can be found here:

No gig pics unfortunately but a lot of various tourist photos.

In other news, we are featured on a compilation CD called "Nuspirit Helsinki - Our Favorite Things". That's really cool, more info here:


080918 - T-shirts.
Two brand new t-shirts for your eyes only.



- Sverige: Beställ här.
- Rest of the world: Buy here.



- Sverige: Beställ här.
- Rest of the world: Buy here.

080917 - P3 Live Session.

With Detektivbyrån and Jonna Lee. Tonight 21.30 - 23.00 - Swedish Radio P3
Don't miss. Read more and tune in here. //Dby

080916 - New Gigs.

080926 - Nordic Roots, Minneapolis, USA
081008 - Ritz, Arvika
081009 - Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad
081010 - Trädgårn, Borås
081011 - Foajébaren/Stadsteatern, Göteborg
081017 - Fängelset, Göteborg
081025 - Spegeln, Gävle
081028 - Pipeline, Sundsvall
081029 - Kulturens Hus, Luleå
081030 - Krokodil, Piteå
081031 - Pinkerton, Skellefteå
081101 - Pop Up, Umeå
081102 - Musikhuset, Örnsköldsvik
081105 - Arenan, Falun
081106 - Debaser Slussen, Stockholm
081107 - Raw, Eskilstuna
081115 - Skylten, Linköping


080909 - Wermland hits the charts!

Today we´re so happy to announce that Wermland has entered third place
at the swedish album chart this week. View the chart here. We´re also
very happy for the very nice reviews we have recieved in the swedish
press, here are some of them:

6/6 Svenska Dagbladet
4/5 Dagens Nyheter
4/5 Östgöta Correspondenten
4/5 Groove
4/5 Norra Västerbotten
4/5 Nya Wermlands Tidning
4/5 Västerbottens Folkblad
4/5 Nerikes Allehanda
4/5 Västerbottens Kuriren
4/5 Ystads Allehanda
4/5 Norrbottens Kuriren
4/6 Hallands Nyheter
3/5 Göteborgs Posten
3/5 Digi
3/5 Dalarnas Tidning
3/5 Helsingborgs Dagblad
3/5 Norrländska Socialdemokraten

Below you can see some of the preparations for the party we´re about
to throw because of all this.

Thank you all so much for your support!
All the best/ Jon, Martin & Anders - Detektivbyrån

080909 –- More acts of Internet.

Here's some videos of us playing at Bengans record store, Göteborg September 3rd.
Filmed and compiled by Andreas Österberg - www.cyrus.se

And two reviews of Wermland, both in Swedish.
- http://www.barometern.se/noje_o_kultur/recensioner/skivor/detektivbyran(840748).gm
- http://www.folkbladet.nu/?p=117925

And some photos from our gig at Bengans record store, Stockholm September 6th.
- http://www.flickr.com/photos/candycigarette/2836404395
- http://www.flickr.com/photos/candycigarette/2837238132
- http://www.flickr.com/photos/candycigarette/2836404595
- http://www.flickr.com/photos/candycigarette/2836403815
- http://www.flickr.com/photos/candycigarette/2836404127
- http://www.flickr.com/photos/lizasav/2835292961
- http://www.flickr.com/photos/lizasav/2836124736
- http://www.flickr.com/photos/lizasav/2835285373
- http://www.flickr.com/photos/lizasav/2835282853
- http://www.flickr.com/photos/lizasav/2835290409

And a video:


080908 –- Random acts of Internet + New Gigs.
Three new gigs:
081011 - Foajébaren/Stadsteatern, Göteborg
081017 - Fängelset, (All Ages) Göteborg
081106 - Debaser Slussen, Stockholm

Here are some reviews of Wermland and some interviews with us:
- http://www.svd.se/kulturnoje/musik/artikel_1660425.svd
- http://www.dn.se/DNet/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=1051&a=823698
- http://www.hn.se/m_recension_etta.php?id=991128&avdelning_1=106&avdelning_2=179
- http://www.nwt.se/ArticlePages/200809/04/20080904172008_340/20080904172008_340.dbp.asp
- http://norran.se/noje/recensioner/musikskivor/article168686.ece
- http://www.na.se/meny/recension.asp?page=1&id=0&nr=16340s
- http://www.trelleborgsallehanda.se/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080903/SKIVOR/960821490/1722
- http://www.gp.se/gp/jsp/Crosslink.jsp?d=208&a=442587
- http://www.dt.se/noje/skivor/article348050.ece
- http://hd.se/noje/skivor/2008/09/05/detektivbyraan-wermland
- http://www.digfi.com/default.aspx?id=12011
- http://www.kuriren.nu/noje/artikel.aspx?articleid=4125177
- http://www.nsd.se//NYHETER/ARTIKEL.ASPX?ArticleID=3930917
- http://www.nwt.se/ArticlePages/200809/04/20080904181512_090/20080904181512_090.dbp.asp
- http://www.fria.nu/artikel/74543
- http://www.vf.se/Kultur--Noje/Noje/2008/September/Vecka-36/Banklanet-gav-resultat.aspx
- http://beautifullnoise.blogspot.com/2008/09/detektivbyrn-wermland-2008-awesome.html
- http://www.itsatrap.com/mp3.php?t=789
- http://thesilentballet.com/dnn/Articles/tabid/55/ctl/Details/mid/412/ItemID/1723/Default.aspx

We are so glad that the album has been so well received. Talk soon. //Dby

080903 –- Wermland” is released.

Today “Wermland” is released. We are very happy.
Buy it here:
- iTunes
- Amazon Mp3
- Bengans

For all the Swedes, you can buy the album here as well:
- Ginza
- Cdon

Or ask your local record store to put it in stock.

There are 5 brand songs from “Wermland” on our Myspace page: myspace.com/detektivbyran
Have a listen. All the best. //Detektivbyrån

080902 - USA.

We are really sorry to have to inform you that we have to cancel our shows at the Lotus Festival in Bloomington, Indiana.
We will be playing at Nordic Roots in Minneapolis though. There will be a proper USA tour in the future, so we will be back. //Dby

080901 - The Signing Of Our Debut Album & P3 Live Session.
The album, “Wermland”, is out in two days. We are excited. We did some major signing last Friday. 400 records were signed. So all of you that have pre ordered the album will have it on Wednesday. Here’is a video of us signing the pre orders.

Don’t miss the two shows that we are doing at Bengans Skivbutik in Göteborg and Stockholm this week. The show at Bengans Göteborg ,on Wednesday the 3rd of September will start at 17.00. The show in Stockholm on Saturday, the 6th of September will start at 14.00. We are really looking forward to these two gigs. The 10th of September we will go to Svenska Grammofonstudion to record some songs, in front of a specially invited audience, for the radio program P3 Live Session. You can win tickets to the show by visiting P3 Live Sessions website. Go here.

080829 - More Radio.
We will visit the fantastic radio show “Lantz i P4” next Friday. The 5th of Septmeber. We will play one song live in the studio. Read more about the program.
So the next week with Detektivbyrån on the radio looks like this:
080901 – P3 Pop (22.03-00.00)
080902 – P3 Populär (10.02-13.00)
080905 – Lantz i P4 (13.05-15.00)

080828 - Vinyl/Radio

We are really happy to announce that "Wermland" will be released in LP vinyl by the American label "Grinding Tapes". Read their statement here: http://www.grindingtapes.org
On Monday the 1st of September we will be featured on the Swedish radio show P3 Pop. Read more here.
On Tuesday the same week there will be interviews with us in the radio show P3 Populär. Read more here.

More stuff soon to come. //Detektivbyrån

080819 - Finland.
Finland and Flow Festival was a blast. We had a great gig. Detektivbyrån wish to thank everyone involved in making us feel so welcome. We would really love to come back to Finland.

You can find some pictures from our journey here:

Here's a YouTube video of us playing "Nattöppet":

080805 - The latest news.
We are back home. The last five gigs was amazing. It was really great meeting so many new, as well as some old, faces.
We are happy to announce that we up on the release of our new album will be playing at Bengans Recordstores in Göteborg and Stockholm. These are the dates:
080903 - Bengans Skivbutik, Göteborg
080906 - Bengans Skivbutik, Stockholm

Here’s some random stuff from our last trip:
Interview with Student TV - Trondheim

Pictures from Europride Stockholm 1/8 2008

Detektivbyrån - "E18"- Europride Stockholm 1/8-2008

See you. //Detektivbyrån

On Monday, the 28th of June, we will take part in the Swedish Radio show "Kvällspasset" at P3. We will probably play a few tracks from our upcoming album "Wermland" and talk a bit about the album. Tune in. The program is aired between 18.00-20.00 .
You can listen to the program through the web as well. Just click here. On Tuesday we are hitting the road. See you. Take care. //Dby

080723 - Detektivbyrån söker medarbetare!
Below follows a message in Swedish

Detektivbyrån söker medarbetare!

Hej! Nu när vi är färdiga med vår nya skiva "Wermland" så kommer vi att åka ut och spela live mycket mer än vad vi gjort under våren och sommaren. Vi kommer spela mycket i Sverige men även en hel del i Europa, Norden och USA. När vi åker ut och spelar så behöver vi ha med en extra person som hjälper till med lite olika saker, framförallt behöver vi någon som kan vara barnvakt under själva spelningarna, alltså ca: 1-2 timmar per spelning. Vi åker tillsammans med Anders tvååring. Men vi behöver också hjälp med andra saker som t.ex. att sälja merch och riggning mm. Det beror också lite på vad du tycker vore roligt att göra och vad du är bra på, vi kan anpassa arbetsuppgifterna lite efter dig. Har du körkort så kan vi även dela på körningen av bussen. Vi reser oftast i minibuss och bor alltid på hotell. Om du skulle tycka att det var kul att åka med oss maila till detektivbyran@gmail.com och berätta lite om dig själv så hör vi av oss. Vi letar inte enbart efter någon som kan åka med på varenda spelning, om du vet att du bara skulle kunna ibland så får du gärna höra av dig ändå! Väldigt bra om du bor i Göteborgsområdet.

OK, ha det fint! Vänliga Hälsningar Anders, Jon & Martin - Detektivbyrån

080714 - “Wermland” is now ready!

Hello fellow friends.

Our debut album, “Wermland”, is now ready. The record is by far the best work we have done. It consists of 14 brand new songs, all of which we have put our hearts, souls and minds in. We are really pleased and more than eager to show you what we have come up with. Since we just can’t wait to show you the new stuff, we have decided to give away two songs for free download. The songs are: “Om Du Möter Varg” and “Neonland”. You will find the links to the songs further down in this message.

The album is available for pre-order. If you pre-order it you will get a signed copy in your mailbox upon the release date, the 3rd of September. Place your order here.

“Wermland” is recorded, mixed, mastered, financed and released by ourselves. It’s the third release on our own label Danarkia.
Pre-ordering the album is by far the best way to support us and our work.


01. Om Du Möter Varg
Download: http://www.detektivbyran.net/Omdumotervarg.mp3
02. Kärlekens Alla Färjor
03. Honky Tonk Of Wermland
04. Rymden I En Låda
05. Generation Celebration
06. Life/Universe
07. Neonland
Download: http://www.detektivbyran.net/Neonland.mp3
08. Hus Vid Havet
09. Partyland
10. Camping
11. Sista Tryckaren
12. En Annan Typ Av Disco
13. Dygnet Runt
14. 054

There are some videos from the recordings of “Wermland” available at our YouTube page.

With warm regards from Gothenburg, Sweden.
Jon, Anders, Martin ­ Detektivbyrån

080707 - Back Home.
Germany was a lot of fun. We wish to thank everyone that made our visit so pleasant. It was really, really fun playing for you. We hope to be back soon. You can find some pictures from our journey by klicking here.
We are doing the final mixes on the album this week. We make sure to keep you updated. All the best. //Dby.

080628 - Going to Germany.
Hello. We have spent the last weeks mixing our new album “Wermland”. Tomorrow we are taking a break from that since we are leaving for Germany. If you happen to live or just passing by any of the following places:

080629 - DE, Fusion Festival, Lärz
080630 - DE, Astra Stube, Hamburg
080701 - DE, Cafe Panam, Leipzig
080702 - DE, Amphitheater der Monbijoufestspiele, Berlin
080703 - DE, Breminale, Bremen

Come pay us a visit. It’s always nice to meet friendly people. Bring your friends as well. We are really exited over these shows, we will play a lot of new material for you. See you soon. Love. //Dby

080527 - Germany & TV.

Hello friends. We are going to Germany for some gigs in the end of June, the beginning of July.
This is what the route looks like:

29.06.08 DE - Fusion Festival
30.06.08 DE - Hamburg, Astra Stube
01.07.08 DE - Leipzig, Cafe Panam
02.07.08 DE - Berlin, Open-air-Amphitheater der Monbijoufestspiele
03.07.08 DE - Bremen, Breminale
See you in Germany!

Last Thursday we went down to Malmö to record a song for the Swedish TV-Show “Sverige!”. More info about the Tv-show can be found here. The program will be aired on June the 8th at 18:15 on SVT 2. For the non Swedish viewers you can watch the program online by clicking here. //DB

080520 - New Album.
Below follows a message from Detektivbyrån. We, Jon, Anders och Martin have just decided to release our debut album on the 3rd of September this year. The album will be entitled "Wermland" and it’s the best we’ve ever done. We’ve recorded 14 brand new songs, all of good quality. We still don’t know how many songs
that will end up on the album, but there will be enough music to please everyone, we promise.

A month before the album release we will release a single. We are deciding right now what song it will be. We’ll keep you updated.

The album will, just like our previous releases, be released on our own label Danarkia. This time we are working together with the distributor Border which we’re very happy about. The album is already available for pre-order. If you choose to pre-order it you’ll get a signed copy in your mailbox on the release date.

We are doing a bunch of gigs this summer. To mention some of them, we will visit Emmabodafestivalen for the third year in a row, Storås in Norway, Flow Festival in Finland and EuroPride in Stockholm. In September we’re going to the USA. USA is a big country, we’re not as big as The USA but we aim high.

Best regards
Jon, Anders, Martin - Detektivbyrån
Ps. Last Friday we recorded a video of us playing the new song “Generation Celebration” from “Wermland”. To watch the video go here.

080519 - Tradera.
Nu vårstädar vi. Vi har således lagt ut ett gäng auktioner på Tradera för att skapa plats i studion. Mycket av det vi säljer har använts av oss både i studion samt live. Vårt kära gamla dragspel finns bla. till salu. Se respektive auktion för mer info. Titta på auktionerna här: tradera.com/auktioner/detektivbyran
Era bud är hjärtligt välkomna, då de för oss innebär ett stort stöd i arbetet med vår nya skiva. Lycka till med budgivning.
We are selling some of our old equipment. A lot of the instruments have been used on the recordings ”Hemägen EP”, ”Lyckans Undulat” and while playing live. Our dear old accordion that we recorded ”E18” with are among other things for sale. For a complete list of the stuff that we are selling, go here: tradera.com/auktioner/detektivbyran
If you see something that you might be interested in, drop us an e-mail: detektivbyran@gmail.com //Detektivbyrån

080509 - Shopping Bag.
There's now one new item in the shop. It's a "shopping bag". It's designed by our good friend Kristoffer Larberg. It's good for everything; fill it with candy, rice, cd's or whatever you like. This bag will carry your stuff in style. Click here to see what it looks like.
Swedish customers: Buy Here.
Outside Sweden: Buy Here.
Love. //DB

080507 - Finland.
We will play at the Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland on the 16th of August. Kiitos. //DB

080505 - New Gigs.

Two new gigs added:
Storåsfestivalen, Norway and Europride, Stockholm. Hope to see you there. //Detektivbyrån

080502 - E18 Released.

Today E18 Album is released. Physical in Japan and for digital purchase all over the world. Buy it here: iTunes, Amazon Mp3, eMusic, P-Vine Records. //DB

080428 - DB Goes West.
Yes we are. We will be playing at the Nordic Roots Festival in Minneapolis, USA, September 25 - 28, 2008. For more info check out their website. We are really exited over the fact that we are going to the states. We are planning more dates as we speak, if you happen to know about any good spots that you think we should play, don’t hesitate e-mailing our booking agent; jesper.kumberg@livenation.se
Lots of love. //Detektivbyrån

080422 - E18 Album.

E18 Album consists of everything we have released so far, “Hemvägen EP”, “Lyckans Undulat” and the 7” split + one bonus track. It’s released by P-Vine Records, Japan. It will be available in stores in Japan and worldwide through iTunes and Amazon Mp3 on May the 2nd. You can already now make pre-orders at the following Japanese stores: Tower Records, HMV, P-Vine Records. Download the Japanese press release here.
We are very happy that we have been given the opportunity to reach the Japanese audience.
And by the way, we are almost done with the recordings of our brand new album. Expect more info, and video diary episodes, on that matter later on. All the best. //Detektivbyrån

080421 - September.

Martin did a guest performance with the amazing Swedish artist September at the radio/tv show “Morrongänget” on January the 18th. They performed an acoustic version of her song “Because I Love You”. You can watch it here. Talk soon. //Detektivbyrån

080327 - P3 Live.

On Monday the 7th of April at 9.30 pm, P3 Live (Swedish Radio) will broadcast our gig from Eurosonic, Groningen, Holland 2008-01-10. Tune in here. Read more over at P3 Lives website. //Detektivbyrån

080321 - Vibraphone Day.
Today is Vibraphone Day. Part 4 of our video diary is uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Watch it here. Happy Holidays. //Detektivbyrån

080319 - Happy, Happy.
There’s now a new low-budget episode available from the recordings of our album. It’s filmed and compiled on Jons mobile phone. You can watch it here. Now it’s time for synthesizer. And by the way Happy Easter. //DB

080207 - Part 2.
It’s time for another chapter of our video diary. This one is called “Recording a new song”. And that’s exactly what we are doing in the clip. Click here to watch it. The recordings are going very well. We will continue to keep you updated. Take care. //Detektivbyrån

080121 - Nattöppet.

American Songwriter Magazine lists our song "Nattöppet" on their staff playlist in the latest issue. That’s really something. We are listed together with selections such as Robert Plant & Allison Krauss, Whiskeytown and fellow Swede and Värmlänning Thomas Denver Johnsson. Click here to read the playlist.

080117 - Happy times.
The Netherlands and EuroSonic was a blast. We had a great time. Thanks to all that made our journey and concert so wonderful. You can enjoy some pictures from our trip over at our blog: http://detektivbyran.blog.com
Swedish Radio, P3 Live recorded our gig at The Grand Theatre in Groningen. When this will be broadcasted is not settled yet. But we will get back with more info on that matter later on. The last days have been spent recording drums, and it sounds great. Now accordion and traktofons.
We did an interview with the Swedish music magazine Groove before we left for The Netherlands. You can read that interview here.

071219 - O Holy Night.

It’s Christmas time, or at least soon to be. Today we took a small break from the recordings of our debut album and did something very much christmas like. We recorded a version of the mighty “O Holy Night”. It’s yours to keep. You can download it here: Detektivbyrån - O Holy Night. It will only be available for download until 1/1 2008. This is our way of saying Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

071212 - Video Diary!

We have written a whole bunch of new songs for our upcoming debut album and we are practically married to our studio. Today we finished the first part of a series of small films that we intend to post during the recording of the album. The first part is called “In search of the accordion”. You can watch it here.

071116 - Hem Ljuva Hem.

Here’s a little treat for you. We have decided to make the song that plays in the background of our homepage available for download. It’s a music box version of our song Hem Ljuva Hem. Download it here.

071108 - Lyckans Video.
Hello, I’m Detektivbyrån.
Here it is. The video for Lyckans Undulat. You can download it here. It’s also available for your viewing pleasure over at YouTube. The video is made by Daniel Wirtberg and Jonas Rudström from Daemon Film.We just swapped rooms in the studio. The control room is now recording room and vice versa. The result was a big hit. Almost bombastic. We just tried out a new song for the album and it turned out great.

071027 - iTunes.

It’s now possible to buy our single ”Lyckans Undulat” from iTunes. Do so by clicking here. Yesterday we recorded drum sounds and other creative solutions such as pencils and wooden boxes. Today it’s Friday. Friday’s are good days. That’s why we are recording Vibraphone. See pictures over at: detektivbyran.blog.com
Keep checking that blog out. That's the place where we will post videos and photos from the recording of our debut album. See you tomorrow at Pustervik. Take care.

071023 - Worst Friends.

Today we are recording glockenspiel. There’s glockenspiel everywhere. If you want to look at pictures from our show in Riga, you can do so by going to: http://foto.delfi.lv/album/1776/ Here’s another treat for you. Worst Friends from New York has made two remixes of our song Nattöppet, you can download them here:

Nattöppet (Worst Friends Softcore Mix)

Nattöppet (Ry's Worst Friends Fishbowling Mix)

And don’t miss MTV Phaser tonight @ 18:00 //Detektivbyrån

071022 - Riga & MTV
There’s so much that could be written about our trip to Riga. We choose to not write so much since it would be way too hard to get it all down in a correct and proper way. We would like to thank everybody that has been involved in making this trip possible. Especially Sonora. Thanks. We have had so much fun. There’s some photos available from our trip over at the just started; http://detektivbyran.blog.com/. On our way to Riga we did a stop at MTV in Stockholm. We recorded two songs for the program Phaser. Those two songs will be broadcasted tomorrow, Tuesday at 18:00. More info about the program here.

071010 - Säkert!+DB.
We were invited by the friendly Annika Norlin to open up for her, Säkert's show at Cirkus, December 3rd. That's an offer we just couldn't refuse. Read more about the show here. This is what she has to say about us:
"Detektivbyrån har gjort årets bästa EP och den bästa spelningen jag har sett hela året. Att lyssna på Detektivbyrån är lite som att se hela sitt liv passera revy framför ens ögon. Jag vet inte riktigt hur de gör det, men det är som att varenda ljud de använder i sin instrumentala pop slår an till ett minne eller en känsla man någon gång haft. Plus melodierna, man kan döda för deras melodier."
See you at Cirkus.

071009 - Disco.

Norrköping and Katrineholm was pure joy. We had so much fun. Åke, Caroline, Becky, Kajsa and UAK, thanks for taking such great care of us. It was extra nice to see some “Värmlänningar” in Katrineholm. Talk soon. //DB

071904 - Debaser inställt.

Kära vänner och musikälskare,

Av orsaker vi inte kan påverka måste vi med kort varsel ställa in vår konsert på Debaser Medis den 17 oktober.
Vi såg verkligen fram emot att få komma till Hufvudstaden och spela för er. Arbetet med vårt debutalbum fortsätter. När det är färdigt kommer vi givetvis till Stockholm för konsert och fest.

Köpta biljetter kommer att gälla till vår nästa spelning i Stockholm, men ni är givetvis välkomna att lösa in dem och få pengarna tillbaka.

Varma hälsningar,
Anders, Jon och Martin i Detektivbyrån

070928 - Hej igen!
Vi glömde säga att ni alla är välkomna att köpa förköpsbiljetter hos Tickster / www.debaser.se! De femtio första som visar upp sitt förköpskvitto i dörren på Debaser Medis den 17 okt får varsin signerad "Lyckans Undulat"-singel. //Detektivbyrån

070926 - Debaser Medis.

This is a message to all our friends in Sweden re. our upcoming show in Stockholm, so we will keep it in Swedish.

Vänner och musikälskare,
Onsdag den 17 oktober gör vi vår första egna stora konsert i Stockholm, på Debaser Medis och det känns lite...stort. Därför ber vi er alla om att hjälpa oss göra detta till en underbar festkväll där ALLA är välkomna! Ingen åldergräns alls, ta med era barn, småsyskon och föräldrar!

Vi repar för fullt och hoppas att kunna bjuda er på ett par nya låtar, som så småningom kommer att hamna på albumet som vi också snart ska spela in.

Som om detta inte var spännande nog så efterlyser vi nu också Världens Bästa Förband! Vem eller vilka är det absolut bästa förbandet för oss när vi spelar på Debaser Medis den 17 oktober? Tipsa och föreslå på bara!
Det kanske är ditt band?

Allt gott //Anders, Jon & Martin

070920 - Honky Tonk TS

Added a new T-shirt in the shop. “Honky Tonk”. It’s available for order, just as the two other t-shirts, through www.swemerchshop.com. Buy it here.

070919 - Forum.
Yes. The nice and friendly Joachim has started a Detekivbyrån forum. Check it out. In other news, we are working on new songs. Things are coming together smoothly. We are looking forward to go back home and play some honky tonk of Wermland for you. See you in Karlstad.

070911 - Debaser Medis.
We are doing an all-ages gig at Debaser Medis in Stockholm the 17th of October. That’s really something. Bring all your friends. Tickets are now available for purchase through www.debaser.se and at the following record stores in Stockholm: Record Hunter, Pet Sounds and Sound Pollution.

070904 - DB goes to Riga.
Yes we are. We are visiting the lovely country of Latvia and the city of Riga in October. We are invited, as musical guests, to the Nordic Film Days in Riga. It's an honour and a big pleasure. We are really looking forward to play in Riga. More news: We have started making preparations for our first full-length album. More info on that matter later on. Take care. //Detektivbyrån

070903 - Hey and hello.
Hello friends. We’ve got a new gig for you. Göteborg and Poesifestivalen on the 27th of October at Pusterviksteatern. More info can be found here. //DB

070829 - Norrköping.
Added a new gig. We will play in Norrköping at Kulturhuset on the 5th of October. It’s going to be fun.

070824 - iTunes & K-D
You can now buy Hemvägen EP through iTunes. Click here to visit us at iTunes. On the 21th of September we are going back to Wermland. This time to our hometown Karlstad. The venue is Arenan. This will be our first gig back home, and we are really looking forward to it. The gig is part of the event: Kulturnatten and the entrance is free. We also have a gig in Katrineholm the 6th of October at Gamla Palladium. See you around. //Detektivbyrån

070819 - Sommar i Sverige.

We are home sound and safe from Malmö. The gig in Malmö was our last gig for this summer. And it sure was a grand finale. We had the time of our lives up on that stage at Mölle 3. Check out some pictures from that show here. This summer has been amazing, thanks to all that has made this summer so great and special for us. Expect some kind of photo blog from our summer activities. Just minutes before our gig at Kulturkalaset in Göteborg we teamed up with Nora and co. from the Swedish radio show; Gör Det Själv, we did an interview and played one song. You can listen to the program at their website. More news soon to come. Love. //DB

070817 - GBG & Malmö.
Wednesday and Kulturkalaset was really good. We had a great time at Lilla-Bommen. In a few hours we are leaving for Malmö. See you there. Love. //Detektivbyrån

070725 - SVD
Anders made an interview with Svenska Dagbladet some days ago. The article is published today. You can read it here. Tomorrow it’s Småland and Emmaboda. On Friday we will visit the lovely Norberg Festival. See you soon.//Detektivbyrån

070723 - STHLM.
Our gig at Stockholms Kulturfestival is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. We hope to be back in Stockholm some other time.
Arvikafestivalen and Wermland was just as fantastic as fantastic can be. Read what Kristin Lundell from Svenska Dagbladet thought of us here. Jon made an interview with Dagens Nyheter before our gig at Roskilde. You can read that interview here.

070711 - Wermland.
Tomorrow we are going back home to our beloved Wermland. We are playing at Arvikafestivalen on Friday. 16.00 at Lyran. Varberg and Majas yesterday was all fun and a lot of table tennis. See you on Friday. Love//Detektivbyrån

070709 - Split 7”
The spilt with Hemstad has now been released. It’s a double a-sided 7”. We are talking vinyl. It’s released by Black*Kitten Records. It’s limited to 500 numbered copies. You can buy it by pressing here or go to our shop section.

070708 - Roskilde.

Our gig at Roskilde was so much fun. Absolutely amazing. We had the time of our lives. Nice to see some familiar faces as well as a lot of new ones. Here’s some photos from the gig. Love.// Detektivbyrån

070630 - Schools Out.
Borlänge was great. We heard Alice Cooper play “Schools Out” while we were at the merchandise stand. Kind of surreal, but very cool indeed. On Monday we are leaving for Denmark and Roskilde. See you around. //Detektivbyrån

070618 - Hem Ljuva Hem.
We are back home after some incredible days in Stockholm, Hultsfred and Västerås. Thanks to all of you. We have had a blast. If you happened to miss our performance at TV4, or want to see it again follow these links:
Om du möter varg
There’s a video coming up for Lyckans Undulat. Daniel Wirtberg and Jonas Rudström from Daemon Film just left for Prague. They will start shooting the video there. More news to come about the video. You can now purchase our new single “Lyckans Undulat” through Bengans recordstore. Just click here. Just added a new gig; Malmöfestivalen.

070611 - New single.
Here it is; Detektivbyrån - Lyckans Undulat.Tomorrow we are leaving for Stockholm. On Wednesday we will play at Nyhetsmorgon and do an in store gig at Bengans record store. Thursday it's Hultsfred. On our way to Hultsfred we will swing by the pressing facility and pick up the single. As mentioned before you can already download the song from this page. If you go to our myspace page you can listen to the B- side of the single. The tune is called "Hem Ljuva Hem". The physical single will be available for purchase from the 20th of June. The friendly people at Bengans record store will handle the distribution. More info on how to order it will be posted on this page so keep checking back.
See you in Stockholm, Hultsfred and Västerås!. Love. //Detektivbyrån

070605 - T-shirt.
You can now buy our t-shirt here on the marvellous internet. Swedish Merch Mailorder handles everything. They ship world-wide. If you are a customer from Sweden press here. If you are a customer from outside Sweden press here. The T-shirt are designed by Henrik Franklin. Love//Detektivbyrån

070529 - Video & New gigs.
We just uploaded a video from the recording of Lyckans Undulat. The quality is really poor. But anyway. Check it out. We just added two new gigs. Majas vid havet in Varberg and Kulturkalaset in Göteborg. And to all you Siesta! people. Thank you very much. Hässleholm was a blast. //DB

070521 - New Gig & Release date.
Thanks to the crew and audience at Qué pasa Gordo? In Linköping. We had a great time at Skylten.
If you happen to swing by Stångå Hotell you should check out their wall of fame. Detektivbyrån hangs besides giants as Evergrey and Maud Lindström. We will play at Västerås Vattendrag the 15th of june. The release date of the split 7” with Hemstad has been set to the 21st of june.

070517 - Nyhetsmorgon&Bengans.
Thanks to Shout Out Louds for making our stay in Malmö so pleasant. And thanks to all of you that showed up at our gig at Pustervik last Friday. Staff and students at Munkebäcksgymnasiet you are awesome. We will play an in-store gig at Bengans record store in Stockholm the 13th of June. We will also perform a couple of songs in the Swedish tv-show Nyhetsmorgon the same day.
You can find an interview with Martin here.//Detektivbyrån

070509 - New gig added.

We will be playing at Stockholms Kulturfestival the 16th of august. The show is free and all ages. See you all there. We are of to Malmö tomorrow, where we will open up for Shout Out Louds at Debaser. On Friday we will play at Pustervik in Göteborg. See you around.

070503 - Undulat, Ticnet, Laka-Koffa.
We have now recorded both drums and accordion for the song “Lyckans Undulat”. It sounds really good. Click here for some pictures from the recording. Notice the T-shirt that Jon are wearing. It’s a Detektivbyrån T-shirt made by our friend Henrik Franklin. The T-shirt are available to buy at our gigs and hopefully in some way or another through this website soon. Don’t forget to buy tickets to our gig at Pustervik. Just click here. You can now listen to a snippet of our song Laka-Koffa that will appear on the 7” split with Hemstad. Go to Black*Kitten Records myspace page. Talk soon.//Detektivbyrån

070424 - Compilation Time.
We are featured on a 8-song CDR, limited to 157 copies, released by Great Northern Recordings. Other acts on the CD are: ASS, Gösta Berlings Saga and Erik Enocksson. Check out Great Northern Recordings Myspace page for further info.

070423 - Thanks & Lyckans Undulat.
Thank you so very much to all of you that showed up at our gigs in Stockholm and Örnsköldsvik. You are all truly amazing. We have had so much fun. We hope to be back some time. On June the 6th we will release a single called “Lyckans Undulat”. The single will be available for purchase at our gigs, and through our website in one way or another. We will also make the song available for free download. Talk soon. //Detektivbyrån

070416 - Shout Out Loud.
We will support Shout out Louds at their gig in Malmö at Debaser the 10th of May. More info here.

070411 - One week to go.

In a week we are leaving for Stockholm and Örnsköldsvik. Its been a while, 4 months, since we last played live. So we are really exited about this two gigs. The show in Stockholm is all ages and free. The last couple of weeks has been spent in the studio, rehearsal spot, making various preparations. We still have a couple of tricks to pull of until everything is as we want it to be. But no worries, we will be more than ready for you. We have some new tunes that we are looking forward to play for you. See you all in a week. There’s a review of Hemvägen EP here. Love. //Detektivbyrån

070330 - Roskilde.
Probably the best festival in the world. Roskilde that is. Roskilde is in Denmark. And we will play at this years Roskilde Festival. It’s going to be a blast. Read more about this great festival at their website.

070327 - Slippery People
We will play in Göteborg at Pustervik at the club Slippery People on the 11th of May. Be there. You can buy tickets in advance at Pusterviksbiljetter. 80 SEK + fee. There’s also an all ages gig being planned in Göteborg. We will get back with info on that soon. Love.//Detektivbyrån

070324 - Norbergfestival & Russia.
We will play at the totally awesome festival Norbergfestival. For more info see their website.
For all you people in Russia go and buy the latest issue of Play Magazine. It’s in stores now. There’s a review of Hemvägen EP in there. We are also featured on the CD that you get for free if you buy the magazine.

070322 - Mailinglist & Linköping.
Subscribe to our newsletter, go to contact and fill in your e-mail address to start subscribe. And, we will play at Que Pasa Gordo? at Skylten in Linköping. See shows.

070321 - Bengans.
The friendly people at Bengans Record Store will from now on handle the distribution of Hemvägen EP. They ship world-wide. Press HERE to order your copy. The record will also be available in their record stores in Göteborg, Stigbergstorget, in Stockholm, Drottninggatan and in their shop at Kista Gallerian from Friday.

070320 - New Gigs.
Stockholm, Örnskoldsvik & Emmaboda. Check out shows.

070315 - Nattöppet.
We have decided to make the track Nattöppet available for download on this site. Check out downloads.

070315 - Peace&Love.
Yes that’s right. It’s a festival in Borlänge. We will swing by the festival and play some songs for you. Don’t miss it. More info at their website.

070301 - Siesta in Hässleholm.
We will play at the Siesta! festival in Hässleholm. 25-26 of may. See their website for more info.

070225 - P3 Populär.

Jon and Martin will guest the Swedish radio show P3 Populär tomorrow, Monday the 26/2. Tune in you radios.

070220 - Hultsfred.
We will be playing at Hultsfredsfestivalen this summer. The festival stretches from 14–16/6. See their website for more info about everything concerning the festival. We will get back to you regarding which day we will perform. And: Don’t miss Roky Erickson!!!

070214 - New photo gallery.
Check out photos. New photos have been added. Opens in a new window.

070201 - Kärlek i skogen.

We are very happy to announce that we will be playing at this years edition of Arvikafestivalen. Check out their webiste for more information.

070114 – Skrik om du brinner.

Our dear friends in Cobra Charlie has sampled/remixed our song E18. Listen to the song entitled "Skrik om du brinner" at: myspace.com/cobracharlie
Adam, the guy responsible for this website is in the works of making a video for the track E18. The video will most likely be available for download here at our homepage. We have received a lot of requests about gigs. For everything concerning booking contact
jesper.kumberg@motor.se He's the man. Love.//Detektivbyrån

070110 - Detektivbyrån/Hemstad.
We have just finished the recording/producing/mixing/mastering of a new song. The song will end up on a 7inch split vinyl(!) with the band Hemstad. The record will be released by the friendly Italians at Black*Kitten Records. It will be released in 500 copies. Not less, not more. The release date isn't set yet, but it will be available sometime during spring. We get back to you all when we now an exact date. The record will be availble for purchase through our website and through the Italian myhoney records mail-order. Talk soon.//Detektivbyrån

061222 - Glögg osv.

Friends. Christmas time is here. Again. We want to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. 2007 is going to be fantastic. Take care. Greetings.//Detektivbyrån

061206 - Pophopp.
OK. We are now taking a break from playing live since Anders is out travelling the world. But we will be back after the winter. The gig at Stenhammarsalen was a blast. Thanks for listening, and thanks for being the greatest people alive. Lisa and Einar you guys rock. Thanks Daniel, Simon, Andreas, Robert, Jesper & Peter for helping us out. Fellow friends keep checking back here for updates. There's a lot of things coming up. We were featured in DN (click here for article and more stuff) as one out of ten "Pophopp 2007". Tjipp och hej.//Detektivbyrån

061122 - Ticnet.se, Flyer & Review.
Tickets for the gig at Stenhammarsalen (30/11) can now also be purchased online at www.ticnet.se. There’s a flyer for the gig that you are all more than welcome to spread around the so called internet. Click here for flyer. A new review of our EP can be found here. Talk again soon //Detektivbyrån

061117 - Stenhammarsalen.
We will play at the amazing venue Stenhammarsalen, Konserthuset, Gothenburg the 30th of November. The wonderful Lisa Pedersen will play as well. We won't do any gigs during the winter so don't miss this chance to see us live. We are very thrilled and exited about this gig. Hope to see you all. Tickets are available at the ticket sale at Konserthuset from monday, 20/11. To all our friends: Please help us spread the word about this gig. And for all you capital citizens of Sweden, don't miss our gig at Debaser Medis tomorrow. Love //Detektivbyrån

061113 - Gig at Pustervik cancelled.
We are very sorry to have to tell you that the gig at Pustervik this Wednesday is cancelled. Grizzly Bear has cancelled their tour. You can read the official statement at their website. We plan to do a gig in Gothenburg before November ends. Check back for updates. //Detektivbyrån

061111 - Falling and Laughing.
OK, folks we are going back to Stockholm. We will play at Debaser Medis the 18th of November. The club is called Falling and Laughing. For more info about the evening check out their website. See you there. //Detektivbyrån

061105 - Back home again.
The past three days have been awesome. Love to: Robert, Joel, Taxi, Taxi!, David & Kafé44, Lantz i P3, ÖG. Hugs and kisses to all the friendly people that we have met. You are the best. Your support means everything. If you happened to miss us when we visited the lovely Annika Lantz, you can listen to the show at “Lantz i P3s” website. Here’s a flyer for the gig with Grizzly Bear at Pustervik, Gothenburg the 15/11. Help us spread the word.//Detektivbyrån

061101 - Sthlm, Uppsala and Lantz.
We are leaving for Stockholm tomorrow. We are exited. Don’t forget to tune in your radios on Friday, when we will visit the Swedish radio show “Lantz i P3”. Here’s two links to two reviews of ”Hemvägen EP”, both are in Swedish. Zero / Musiklandet.We are also featured on www.itsatrap.com More news soon to come. See you in STHLM and Uppsala.//DB

061009 - More Airplay.
Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will guest the Swedish radio show "Frank i P3". We will perform one or two songs live in the studio. Tune in. Love //Detektivbyrån

060929 - PayPal and Airplay.
Great news. You are now able to purchase our debut EP through PayPal. Just go to the shop section.
On the third of November we will guest and perform one song live in the Swedish Radio Show “Lantz i P3” Tune in.

060914 - Shop is up and running.
Finally! Now you are able to buy our debut EP “Hemvägen EP”, here on our site. Spread the word!
The shop is up and running. Thanks for being so patient with us. Go to shop. The download section has been updated with one more song from the EP. Check out downloads.

070919 - Forum.
Yes. The nice and friendly Joachim has started a Detekivbyrån forum. Check it out here. In other news, we are working on new songs. Things are coming together smoothly. We are looking forward to go back home and play some honky tonk of Wermland for you. See you in Karlstad.

060913 - New gigs.
Some new gigs just arrived. See shows.
We are happy to say that we will be playing support for Grizzly Bear the 15th of November at Pustervik in Gothenburg. Check out Grizzly Bear, they are great.

060908 - Tack, Tack, Tack.
A big thank you to all that supported us at our release party at Kellys. It was fantastic. Thanks a million. Kramar till er alla. The shop section will be up and running during the next week. A new gig has been added. Check out shows.

060824 - "Häng med på party, slit dig och kom loss"
Thank you Umeå. A special thanks to Magni for the coffee and the wine. Nice to see you again. We are still working on the shop section. Please be patient with us. We are heading for Eskilstuna tomorrow. Fun stuff.
Don’t forget:
When: Tuesday, 29th of august. 09.00 pm
Where: Kellys, Göteborg, Sweden
Free entrance.

060818 - New Song & Myspace update.
We are leaving for Umeå tomorrow. There’s now one song available for download from the Hemvägen EP, the track is entitled E18. Check out downloads. If you go to our myspace page you can listen to three more songs from the EP. More news soon to come.

060814 – Thank you & New gigs
Stockholm & Emmaboda was brilliant. We want to thank Anna and Jocke for taking such good care of us when we visited Stockholm. Thanks. It means a lot. We have received the EP from the pressing plant. We will get back to how you can purchase it and all the details around the EP very, very soon. Two new gigs have been added. See shows. We will have a release party for Hemvägen EP the 29th of august. The celebrations will take place at Kellys in Gothenburg. The party is free, but you need to be eighteen to get in. There is no dress code. Wear whatever you want. You are more than welcome.

060731 - Crazy Summer.

We are back home after two incredible days in Östersund. We have had a blast. Next up is Stockholm and Emmabodafestivalen. We hope to see you there. If everything goes smooth we will have the EP with us to the gigs.

060726 - Going up the country.

We are going up north this weekend. We will play at Storsjöyran in Östersund this Saturday. 22.15 at "Intiman". Come say hello.
We have just sent the EP, which will be entitled "Hemvägen EP", to the pressing plant. More info about the EP and other stuff soon to come.
Have a nice one! //DB

060622 - New gigs.
New gigs added. Check out shows.
"Man kände att livet lekte minsann, som det ju bara kan ut i Värmeland"